1980 Austin Mini in VA

Started by psumini, December 05, 2020, 03:52:10 PM

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Reviving a 5 year old thread (http://www.restorationmini.com/forum/index.php?topic=881.0) with a project that is still ongoing!  In those five years, two kids and a flirtation with a Grand Wagoneer had kept me from finishing a restoration that I was sure was only going to take "a year or two."  While it may not be done yet, a lot of progress has been made, including replacement of inner rear arches, quarter panels, rear subframe mounting panel, floor (2 half panels), outer sills, door steps, a posts, a panels, cross member, lower dash rail, inner wings, outer wings, and bonnet.  I have refurbished the rear subframe with new Superfin drum brakes and rear shocks.  Earlier this year, I decided to do a Honda swap with a D16 engine, using McGee's Custom Minis bespoke subframe.  Here is the project as it currently sits.  Currently working on getting acceptable door and bonnet gaps - expect a post soon!


But look how far you're come!  77.gif

Welcome back, Pete!
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Cool!  Can't wait to see more about this Mini.
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