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Started by 94touring, August 07, 2020, 01:46:39 PM

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That looks awful. And expensive.
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Yeah I'm expecting a large bill.   :(   I am getting a new case at cost in the deal at least.   We're having to get an all new gear set.  The surviving parts were the ring and pinion and differential.  A new alloy gear carrier will be going on and it will be machined for a larger bearing.  The carrier is the end that initially failed which can be seen in one of the pics I posted.  Apparently that bearing deals with a lot of engine torque.  Other thing I'm looking into is going to a 1.21 3rd gear vs the 1.26 for a little taller 3rd gear mountain pulling when 4th can't do it. 


I got the roof rack off with the plans to paint the roof white.  Holy smokes is it heavy.   Not sure it's going back on heavy.  Not to mention it's a behemoth and will be nearly impossible to get on by myself without major paint damage.  I'm thinking if I do use it again that I'll chop it down into 3rds and use what I need.  I've never had to use the whole rack when we go camping with all the gear.  Another option I'm starting to ponder is having the ability to haul a vespa/vespa-esk scooter.  We're moving our office downtown where we live and it's about 6 blocks over from the house.  Jen's thinking scoot to work.  If we brought it with the bus we wouldn't have to detach from camp every time we wanted to go somewhere.  And next time we break down in the middle of nowhere I'd have a way to get to a rental car place or airport!  So was pondering ways to haul a scooter and found some neat ideas online using 40x48 mini trailers.   Then I started to think well if this roof rack doesn't go back on what about a 4x8 folding trailer, and in aluminum.  Northern tools sells one that weighs under 200lbs minus whatever flooring you use.  Still have some thinking to do which combo would be best.  Smaller trailer with 3rd roof rack or no roof rack and 8 foot trailer.  8.gif


Personally I would lean going all trailer if you plan to pull one at all. I hate loading things into/on a roof rack of any sort and they are a huge wind drag. Not that the bus is all that aerodynamic anyway but still.

Not only would dealing with a trailer be easier all around since everything would be at ground level, but I would have to think it would have less wind resistance as well.


I didn't talk about wind resistance but it's a big perk.  They say that these full length racks by themselves cost up to 5mpg.  I know that when I load it up for our trips I can feel the difference due to wind resistance.  Plus like you say it's a pain in the butt to load it up.  I have to carry a small ladder.  The box with the tent has to be 75lbs. 


Found a 4x6 trailer at tractor supply that's just at 200lbs.  That should fit a scooter and gear just fine without any modifications, yet small enough to not be a pain.  Figured I'd be around 600lbs all in with about everything I normally carry if we added the scooter.  I suppose deduct 75lbs or so for the roof rack and whatever wind resistance is over 2 tires rolling. 


White roof day.  Well white primer now and white paint tomorrow. 


Well here they are.  The new top on the bus is so much nicer than the paint around the glass that I'll end up just doing it too.


Oh on the transaxle build, he sent me a picture of the upgraded bearing he's going with. A bit larger and an extra ball.  Maybe it makes a difference?


Man, the cut and polish on the bus will seem endless!
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Quote from: MiniDave on October 25, 2022, 05:51:40 PM
Man, the cut and polish on the bus will seem endless!

Ha. Yeah, the roof will only get the first foot or so along the perimeter that's visible!  The rest layed out better than what was on there so good enough for me, plus unless you're on a ladder or 7 feet tall can't see it.  The body on the other hand will be hell.  Hopefully lays out well enough I can make it quick and easy.  Definitely need to plan it out to cut and buff the very next day while it's still soft.  Hitting these tomorrow for that reason.


Here's the difference between the Brazil finish and my finish.

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