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Started by PMF5150, March 09, 2023, 02:30:10 PM

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Hi All
New to the mini world I have a 1990 rover mini just want to know what certain parts are under the bonnet? First the diaphragm looking thing that connects from exhaust manifold to air cleaner? Next the white plastic cannister held by two metal bands? Last metal cannister with the two diff size black hoses coming off the top? I assume some of its for anti pollution? can they be removed without causing car to run lousy? its a 998 carb motor thanks


There's a lot going on in there.  Is this Japanese spec by chance?


It this also by chance an automatic transmission Mini?

It definitely looks to be a Japanese spec with the remmnants of the a/c system still in place.  I can see the compressor underneath the alternator and the stubs of hoses at the firewall.

My initial thoughts on the white canister is "fuel filter".  I would recommend trying to trace any lines connecting to it to determine for certain.

The black metal canister in the right rear corner (with different sized hoses connected) may be a charcoal canister.  Again, trace the hoses to see where they go.

I do not have a guess about the metal diagphram conister connected from the manifold to the air filter housing unless it may be part of a vacuum "kick down" circuit for an automatic transmission.

Pictures showing the tracing of the connected lines my give more clues.


Pics don't open for me.....I've worked on a few automatics, so if they'll open I might be able to help.
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Hi Dave sorry about the pics not opening I will send them again hopefully they work 


Quote from: 94touring on March 09, 2023, 02:38:00 PMThere's a lot going on in there.  Is this Japanese spec by chance?
its from Japan


Reposting the pictures after converting to ".jpg" so they will more likely show up.


Not sure what your going for as far as originality, but if it were me I'd yank all that crap and simplify the engine bay. None of those things, whatever they are, are needed. 


Wrong pictures, sorry


Ive started the removal process was wondering if I would have to rejet the carb after removing alll the bulk crap?


You should be good to go on jetting.