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Started by Willie_B, February 05, 2023, 03:31:40 PM

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Just bought a mini guys collection of stuff. Almost all of it. He is moving to the UK so it had to go. Been sorting thru the tubs and found some intetesting things. Spacered drums that have been drilled for??? Longman  mechanical tach drive and deep groove alt pulley. 1275 Cooper S thick flange block. Vizard cam. Girling alloy 7.5" brake calipers. Those are about half the weight of stock ones. He still has a Longman head that a buddy wanted but I may end up with that also.


 There are still 2 boxes full of file folders and notebooks. Only 2 hours up the road so made a quick road trip. The wheels are Speed Star (SSR)  MK-1, 12". The tires are 14 years old so they will go away.


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