Lost Attachments (and how to post photos)

Started by 94touring, November 14, 2022, 05:43:31 PM

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Sadly I was unable to get our attachments to repopulate into old post.  I do however have all of them which is better than nothing.  That being said I have started a project of uploading them to a folder in our gallery.  I'm going through and deleting duplicates and anything that's really not that important. I'm probably going to miss a few and be adding other pictures that may or may not make a lot of sense, but maybe it's something that sticks out to you.  We had over 15000 attachments and while many are project mini related, the bulk are not.  For Dave and myself with countless project threads, not sure I'm going to be going through and trying to fix all my post.  But at least the visual aids are available for anyone who wants to dig. For anyone wanting to fix up your post or go back for visual aids, you should be able to find it with some browsing.  I know Bruce has a ton of these cool mini adverts that are in there, which I may try to toss into his thread for him unless he feels like doing it before I get to it.  Either way going to probably take me awhile to go through everything.

Quick "how to" for new people and those of us getting used to the latest version of the forum.  The previous issue of sideways photos seems to be resolved. Only took 13 years!  Here are screen shots of what you're looking for now.  If adding a picture from a link simply click the icon just to the right of the youtube icon when posting.  If adding an attachment when replying to a post you'll want to click preview and then you'll see the icon for attachments.  If started a new post that attachments link is just there to begin with.  Once you add your attachments click upload or upload all and wait for the upload bar to turn green, then click post.


Quick question... can some of you go to the gallery and click "my images" and see if it shows all your old pictures?  I know we lost all the attachments in threads with the forum upgrade, but I can view all of my photos going clear back to 2009. 


I tried your request and it seemed to show all of mine back to 2010.  The ones shown are ones I recall uploading to an actual gallery versus just putting in a thread as an attachment.