Strange headlight bulbs

Started by MPlayle, June 04, 2022, 05:20:41 PM

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I was remembering a comment Bruce made about the ehadlights on my blue Van being dim when we drove up to the Radwood show in Austin last month.

I decided to verify what bulbs were in the headlights of each of my minis for possible upgrading to brighter bulbs or LEDs.

The green Mini has H4 halogen bulbs - the typical these days and are going to be 55watt low beam and 60watt high beam.

The blue van on the other hand has a bulb I have not seen before and had to research it (see the attached picture below).  It turns out to be a P45T base standard incandescent bulb rated 40watt low beam and 45watt high beam!

There are not any direct LED replacements made.  There are some H4 halogens made with the P45T base as conversions.  Moss Motors carries them for the TR7.  I did find a company in the UK that makes an adaptor for fitting any regular H4 bulb into the P45T base housing.

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