Skinny spare tire options?

Started by Red Riley, May 23, 2022, 05:30:21 AM

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Red Riley

Due to minor modifications done to my Elf over the years, such as the 15 gallon gas tank in the boot, I've been running without a spare tire for quite a while now. My wife says I need to carry a spare. I'm not convinced, especially after picking up a nail in Atlanta and driving all the way back to Charleston without noticing. The 175/50-13 tires seem to be for practical purposes a run-flat tire.
But anyway, I'm kind of looking for a tire/wheel combination that would be small or skinny enough to throw in the boot or the back seat on long drives when I'm not towing the half-an-Elf trailer (which does have a ten inch spare onboard).
What have others come up with that works?
Space-saver or donut spares from other vehicles, maybe Honda or other small car? Way back when, NJ Boone showed me the spare in his AWD conversion, and I think it was a Honda wheel, not sure what kind.
12 inch trailer wheel?
Ideally I'd like it to fit over my 9 inch disc brakes on the front, but I can always do the rear/front swap and put the spare on the back if necessary.
Just wondering what ideas or solutions anyone has come up with.


If the lug pattern is still original Mini, then go with either a 10" or 12" steel Mini wheel and 145 tire.

Do the front/rear swap if the flat is on the front.  Having mismatched width wheels on the front will make the steering twitchy and weird.  I know this from experience on other cars.


The Rover Sportpacks used a 145/70 12 as a spare. I am guessing I need to replace mine as I have never used it.

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