Tough break - reminder time to check your Mini insurance

Started by BruceK, May 02, 2022, 06:05:07 PM

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A Mini owner in Dallas has some bad luck yesterday leaving the big British car show in Dallas.

He posted on the Texas Mini FB group:

Quotepics taken just a few hours apart yesterday. rear tire blew out while going about 65mph. Mini spun several times, driver door was hit, then driver side front corner hit the wall. If it hadn't been struck or for the wall, there would have been no damage except for the wheel. Engine and everything looks to be in perfect order, will try to go to yard today and see if it starts. Does anyone have any guidance/ info on what to expect with insurance, buying it back if totaled, or possible repair costs. 93 spi. Any questions I should be sure to ask my insurance and the wrecking yard where the car was taken? Also, who does body work? I'm gonna need lots of help.

Fortunately he wasn't hurt. But he's insured with GEICO, rather than classic insurance, and he's unsure how they will address this crash.
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Of course the recent increased value of our cars is another reason to make sure you have enough insurance on your Mini.
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Grundy has been increasing the value on mine every year I've had it...tho not by a lot. Cost has gone up every year too - now $216 a year.

I'm not sure I would want to try and fix that one, with the bend in the roof and without a proper jig to make sure it's straight when it's done.
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Looks like toast to me.  I am in the market for a good used left hand door if he's wanting to sell that one.


I recently moved my minis from a standard auto policy to a classic auto policy with agreed values etc.  I am using American Collectors, as they are associated with my other insurance provider so I get a pretty big discount. 

So far I am pretty impressed, the few times when a significant weather event has been forecast they have emailed me offering reimbursement to move the minis to storage out of the area.  This might be standard, but in the UK this is not something I have ever heard of.


Nick Upton has the correct jig at Boot 2 Bonnet in Woodland California.
I know he repaired a similar type freeway accident, car was clipped and pushed into a wall.
Not sure what the insurance outcome was, don't believe insurance covered it completely.


Sad action...
Looking at the trans hanging out of the bay .. its an Auto Too....

Thats quite a hurt shell

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