Gas tank leaking

Started by Mudhen, April 12, 2022, 08:27:19 AM

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Looks like my tank is leaking at the welded in seam below the sending unit - is that something I can buy some sort of off the shelf sealer to fix?  Any good stuff you all have had success with?



It's hard to tell in the picture but I'm not sure your sending unit is tightened all the way up.  It could be leaking from the rubber gasket as a result. Otherwise if it is the welded seam, jb weld meant for gasoline would do the trick after you've wire wheeled down to metal and cleaned the area.


Almost looks to me to be leaking/seeping from sender at the one electrical connector - the one in the plastic isolation disk.


Ya, was tough to capture it.  But I slowly lean the tank over and it starts leaking at the seam, not from the sending unit (although once I tip it further it leaks from there, too).  I ordered a new seal for that this am.

Didn't think about trying to seal from the outside - thought maybe there was something I could slosh around the inside to seal it up.  Will look into the JB Weld!


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