Forum glitch

Started by 94touring, February 25, 2022, 03:00:25 AM

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Keep an eye on anything not looking normal in your day to day use of the forum and let me know if something doesn't look right.  I woke up a bit ago and logged in, only to find that the forum somehow uninstalled all the "packages" that we use.  Such as the media gallery, the main page, contact page, scroll buttons, like buttons, YouTube imbed link, ect ect.  I have no idea why it uninstalled them but I went through and reinstalled everything I think we typically use. 


I believe the forum may have automatically updated to the latest forum software, which typically means having to reinstall all the addon mods we use.  Still not sure how or why it did that.  It would appear we're up to date on everything and ran a new backup file just in case something decides to crash. 

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