Odometer Stoped Working

Started by Rosebud, February 06, 2022, 07:37:00 PM

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Has anyone had experience with an odometer that stopped working? When my Smiths odometer hit 50000 km it stopped. Nothing wrong with the cable and drive as the speedometer still works. Any suggestions other than tearing it apart and doing a wiggle/jiggle & lube?
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Unfortunately, I believe this is fairly common with old Smiths instruments when the odometer has to deal with a "big event" such as turning many of the numerals at once.  It puts too much strain on the unit.  One time when this happened to me I was able to remove the speedometer from the car and I and got the odometer working again with a power drill (I had to run the drill in reverse if I remember correctly).   That fix was temporary as 10,000 miles later the odometer stopped again.  I think I actually was very lucky to get it going for those 10,000 miles - that usually doesn't happen. 

I heard recently that one of the repair shops that had worked on British car speedometer cars here in the US for the past 60 years suffered a flooding event and no longer handles repairs. But they do sell new units.


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