Jacking point reinforcement?

Started by Coalhod, July 02, 2021, 12:53:23 PM

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Hello and happy 4th to everyone!

Recently purchased a used factory jack as I'm trying to go back to original as much as possible.  Anyway, the drivers side jacks up no problem.  Passenger side however causes the outer sill to crease when put under weight.  I removed the outer sills which were R&R'd in the '80s by a "professional" who had brazed them into position.  I found the metal in good shape (not driven in the winter) some surface rust.  I figure I will bead weld the jacking point bracket to the inner sill but I have read on other forums that the factory also spot welded the jacking point to the outer sill where it joins horizontally with the car.

Any tips or tricks to this?  I realize this area is somewhat of a rust magnet due to location.  Probably will use rust preventative before buttoning it back up. 



That is correct.  You'll probably need to just plug weld the outter sill to it in order to get a weld between the two.   

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