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Started by Scargo, May 20, 2021, 09:40:32 AM

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To celebrate the start of this year's 25th Annual British Car Week on May 22nd, I am being joined by a handful of classic Mini owners for a multi-day mountain driving tour in southwestern, Virginia. Drivers will be coming from Virginia, Kentucky and Tennessee.

We will rendezvous on the evening of Friday, May 21 in Pounding Mill, VA. and will stage our daily drives from that location. The current plan is to conduct the drives on Saturday May 22 thru Monday May 24. We will embark on one full day drive or two shorter drives each of these days. At some point we will be crossing slightly into West Virginia. Each day will be capped off by an early evening dinner followed by the usual tire kicking and parking lot chatter.

British Car Week allows for the perfect opportunity to put the tools down, and get your Mini out on the road. Information can be found here:

Whichever way you choose to celebrate, tell us all about it.


I wasn't aware of British Car Week.  Thanks for sharing about it!
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You're welcome, Bruce. Hopefully we'll all be noticing a few more LBC's on the roads next week.


Our Brit Car Show was moved from May to mid June due to the fact that it ALWAYS rained on the show day - never failed. After 5 or 6 rain outs in a row, they moved the date.....finger's crossed that it will be nice weather then. We've had about 10 days straight of rain this month now, I'm ready for it to stop so I can drive my Mini!

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