WANTED: Inner steering column 76-85

Started by Carl Owen, January 15, 2021, 08:32:47 AM

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Carl Owen

In search of an inner steering column for our 1977 Clubman.
A previous owner FUBARed the one we have.

Carl Owen

Pic shows why we need another column. A previous owner welded this crap to the bottom of ours. The steering wheel was over my left knee (a RHD car) and the u-joint wouldn't let the column assembly move right without hitting the brake pedal.

I found and now have an early MkII column but it doesn't have the steering lock. I suppose we could take the two and make one, but I'd rather find the proper column.


Why don't you just replace the inner shaft? You can buy those new on Mini Spares for $75 or so....

I've seen used ones on MiniMania from time to time too.....in fact they have one right now.

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Carl Owen

Thanks MiniDave, I'll try MiniMania for a used one. I was going to try to find one on this forum first.

As for new I placed a large order with MiniSport last week. They were out of stock and MiniSpares only had the later inner column/shaft.

Thanks again,

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