Accelerator Cable Ends

Started by tmsmini, February 10, 2020, 03:33:36 PM

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The SC injection system has a custom cable that needs to be cut to length. Any suggestions on sealing the ends so they don't unravel? I tried solder, but the cable did not seem to get hot enough for the solder to penetrate.



Heat shrink tubing? 

I would think you could try the smallest size that just fits over the cable end.  The length would depend on how much cable can stick past the trunnion.  For whatever length of cable is past the trunnion, I would recommend the heat shrink be cut to cover at least 1/4" of cable with about 1/8" of shrink tube past the end of the cable to compress and cover the cable ends to keep them from getting caught on anything.


I can try the shrink tubing, but I thought there at least a couple of bike people who would have some ideas.

I have also seen some nice 90 bends for cable tubing used on bicycles.


Normal quick bike cables use a cable end. -  crimped on the end of the cable .   all bike shops will have buckets of these.

per this video you can solder them.... but Your results may vary

another idea would be to dip / kind of soak in JB weld. ( unfray a bit) dip  and wind back together letting the JB get into all the strands.
   I would also follow with a bike cable crimp end if possible.

Bike cables are sort of small  dont know if your throttle cable here is much Larger or not, but a thought.


I have some of the bicycle cable ends. Got a few old Raleighs I keep in running condition.

The problem is that i realized even though I carry a spare cable, I need to size it ahead of time as i would have no way to cut it on the road.
The SC TB uses the "lollipop" end on the throttle quadrant, so I need to feed the trimmed cable through the firewall, pedal arm and into the ferule.
I will try the shrink tubing as I can easily cut that off before or after I feed it through the firewall if I need to.
Thanks for the suggestions


the quickest and easiest way I have found  is a tig welder it puts a nice little ball on the end of the cable.