My 1964 Bakkie Pickup -- VTEC D16 project....

Started by indifferent, December 29, 2019, 08:13:27 PM

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As maybe seen on other mini forums, but attracted to this one due to the people here, I present my work in progress with McGee's Custom Minis.

So, I am copying and pasting my intro here:

I live in Sausalito, CA, and wanted to share a project I am working on. I own a 2008 Cooper S convertible, and soon to be in my hands, a 1964 Austin Mini Pickup -- but not a normal one

I want to introduce the work that McGee's Custom Minis (MCM) has been doing for me. I am taking a 1964 pickup and lightly modding it with his subframe and a D16 engine w/minimal cutting of anything important.

So far the specs include (among many other things....)

1964 Austin Mini (SA model with roll up windows)
Stock cone suspension all around (no coil overs)
D16 with medium built engine (Crower cam stage 4, Crower valve springs/retainers, Blox cam gear, ZC pistons NPR, King Race bearings, OEM gaskets, Contitech timing belt/waterpump, ARP headstuds)
MCM custom subframe (allows for standard suspension, no odd placement of wheels/clearances so you can buy stuff that works on a mini, not for the subframe)
Tranny mods, e.g. LSD, 3.7 FD, etc.
Skunk 2 intake (MCM modified and Skunk2 TB)
Hondata S300 ECU
Fully adjustable suspension pieces all around
Minisport 7.5" 4 pot alloy brakes to work on 10's
LHD conversion
Upgraded master w/bias valve
Wireworx wiring harness
Custom exhaust
Modified shifter

...and a bunch of other shiny bits (basically all new underneath?)

My contribution will be:

Base tune plus dragging to dyno
Momo steering wheel with remote 8 button wireless steering wheel controller (no buttons on dash  ).
long drop link for steering column (not the cheap chrome one)
Race seats and harnesses (who knows if they will fit? Anyone????) Thinking inexpensive Cobra Monacos (anyone fit any to a pup????)
custom Dash and lots guages
All finishing wiring
Upgraded adjustable shocks
Hydraulic handbrake ;) -- yeah for autoX
Headlight 'eyelashes'
Windshield wiper 'washers' -- they were shaved by PO
Mirrors (also shaved by PO)
Front bumper? maybe MCM will help -- lip shaved by PO
Trailer hitch
Rear bumperettes (maybe....kind of like it without them)
New dash cover, door cards, headliner, etc. ... eventually all pretty good right now
Hopefully, as I have not seen it in person, full of rust, so I assume I won't have to do much body work lol
etc. etc.

This is a lot of work overall and MCM text's/calls several times a week to keep me informed, so huge customer focus on his part. Pics on FB can be seen here:

But in general, MCM has delivered this pretty quick. It has only been over there (I bought the base truck from him) for a few months....but now I am getting anxious lol.


Not much left to do on it from McGee's side, but I am using steering mounted controls for everything (no column controls). Hence, if anyone has the wiring connector from the steering column to the connector under the dash, let me know! Looking forward to meeting Don with the other D16 Pup!


Oh, here are a few pics. One is before I bought it, the second is the state of the engine bay now :)


I don't know why John leaves the Honda script on the valve cover like that, on Don's they ground it off and I like it better.....
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Yeah, I was going to tap a few screw holes and shape a piece of carbon to cover it up....the color is nice though! So wrong it looks right.


Done! Being shipped out on the 25th or so this month! I just have to do the dash wiring and ECU/starter/fuel setup, so pretty easy work. And install my wireless/removable steering wheel ;) ... and probably put in new shocks (though they are new, just standard). Ride height is set to lowest, but new cones so looks like a 4x4 at the moment lol.


hey, the 4x4 look would work with a pickup.  ;D
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It will settle down in a couple hundred have to be excited to see the car soon!

Cool steering wheel!  77.gif
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Yeah, it should be good! Wonder how it will compare to my last two cars below...never driven a mini lol....or even had a ride in one! But I guess this will be a good start with all brand new stuff (suspension, engine, etc.) underneath, except drum brakes. Tires don't look to be as sticky as I am used to, but I guess that can be changed later!

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Hey, Just jumped onto this forum after getting completely fed up with the MM one. Any update on your pickup? Haven't seen you post on the FB groups in a while.

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