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Started by tmsmini, December 18, 2019, 08:09:20 AM

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Any leads on very small tool tolls?
The injection setup requires a number of small metric wrenches and allen wrenches for adjustment. Some I have shortened or bent to make easier to use.
I would like to keep them all together. I like the Dickies tool rolls and use them for road trip tools, but they dont make anything small.
I bought one off ebay and it is adequate, but not well made like the Dickies versions.


Have you tried looking at motorcycle tool rolls?


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Some motorcycle versions have come up in my search, but I will look specifically at places like Cycle Gear. I guess I really need very very small. Along time ago allen wrenches and ignition wrenches from Craftsman came in cloth rolls, but they have switched to those plastic pouches a long time ago. Some items come up for precision screwdrivers pouches, often with the screwdrivers.

This one looks interesting:


The watch rolls look very interesting. I ordered a cheaper alternative and i will see how it works out.


I bought the armorers version for $11, looks like it will work.


That does look like a nice smaller tool roll. Easy to keep items separated and snug with the elastic.

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