Testing Temp Sensors

Started by tmsmini, October 10, 2018, 09:10:18 AM

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I am running through some tests of the sensors and thermostats on our injected car. There is alot of information on testing temp sensor using resistance.
I have tested some old sensors that I thought were bad and the resistance checks out.
Now I would like to test the voltage output to check to see if it matches the table provided in the SXTune software MAP.

I have a 5 volt DC power source and I thought it would be just a matter of connecting the power source, monitoring the temperature and recording the change in voltage output.

I have my connections incorrect as the output voltage never changes.
Anyone have some suggestions on how to connect the power and voltmeter properly for this type of test?

A long shot, but I know some of you have experience with modern cars.
The type of sensor used is a Rover GTR206/GTR313/MEK100060 with two terminals.



Turns out you cannot test voltage outside of the ECU as it provides a known bias resistance. If you knew that value you could add it in to the test wiring setup, but that is proprietary info.

So back to resistance testing and checking the table in SX Tune software through its interface.