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Started by jeff10049, June 10, 2018, 11:50:40 AM

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Would a shop tools and equipment subforum make sense? I was just about to post about the new iwata clear gun I got and wondering where to post. For now I think I'll put it in restorations it can always be moved.

But it got me thinking I have seen a lot of tool and equipment talk like the rotisseri build, engine hoist talk, just recently some air compressor talk, dustless sandblast system, plasma cutters,welders. I think someone started a shop tools thread but a search didn't seem to bring it up I guess that can be the issue with single threads as the forum gets more traffic they get buried fast.

Might be nice to have it all in one place especially for new uses maybe we could round up some of that and move it.

What do you guys think? It's also nice not to have a board too busy with to many forums when do you add?
I would be willing to help (moving topics and such) if its something Dan and others see useful.



Damn that was fast I'll post the spray gun here.

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Here's a favorite of mine....Harry J Epstein's in Kansas City.

HJE has been  a fixture in KC since 1930, selling ONLY American made tools and equipment. They buy out MFR's who have gone out of business and sell off their inventory so they have some very unusual things in their store - you can wander around in there for days - and they're happy to take you on a tour and show you some of the weird and wonderful things they have. Plus, if it's a tool made in the USA, they have it.

Watch a couple of their vids, mostly done by Jory, HJE's grandson who now runs the business. Here's a cute little vid Jory did a while back....

BTW, this socket is still there, I saw it last time I was down's friggin huge!

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