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Started by 94touring, March 16, 2018, 10:13:30 AM

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Got an email from Terry Smith with the idea, so I'm putting him in charge!  I know we now have a few members running or will be running fuel injection. 


Thank you Dan, I appreciate the opportunity to contribute.
I am no expert, but I have collected documents and links over the years that I can share.

Look forward to others adding posts and asking questions!


I started with SU went to Weber and now back to SU. Understand that covers 51 years of constant mini ownership. Once I do a four wheel alignment check and corner weight I will replace fuel pump and filter on a SPI unit. Having had the tank out several times for shock changes not concerned. If I have a question I will ask. Thanks Steve (CTR)


Yes, not much activity in this section. Perhaps with good reason as the known carburetors for the A series do a pretty good job. I was just re-reading the carb and inlet manifold section in Vizard and certainly a lot of info is available. I do find it hard to read as boxes with additional info are scattered inline with the text of a section.


On the other hand I have had a car with the Rover MEMS 2J based system on an MPi engine for close to 20 years with a minimum of issues.
I just swapped out a set of injectors that I had serviced about two years ago and it cured a mild hard start issue when warm. And it also seems to have helped with mileage. things do wear out.