SOLD: 1988 JDM-spec Mini

Started by Wasabi, August 02, 2017, 10:53:51 AM

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29 MAR 2018 update:
Mini is SOLD.

28 MAR 2018 update:
I just learned that I will be moving to California for my employment.  Since it's not old enough to avoid the emissions issue, I won't be able to register or drive it.  So I am SELLING MY MINI.  Please PM me if you are interested.

Original post from Oct 2017:
QuoteSo awhile back I was working overseas.  In 2013, I brought home (legally imported to the US) a running 1988 JDM-spec Mini (RHD, factory air, etc.).

Before I bought it, someone had made the following mods: center instrument cluster, wood steering wheel, "Mini Cooper" badging on the bonnet & wheel center caps (weird, huh?), and a stereo.  Since then, I have replaced the clutch slave cylinder, put in a super-cooling radiator & new thermostat, and replaced the head unit & parcel shelf speakers with something a bit newer (nothing fancy).

I planned to strip the car down with my son and rebuild it to make it my daily driver (I've found body rust in all the usual places).  However, my son has lost interest, and my wife says that if I rebuild it to make it (in her words) "reliable" and "comfortable" it still won't be my daily driver because it's not "safe" enough (although I offered to include a rollcage in the rebuild...).

I drive it at most twice a month when the weather cooperates (I'm in southeast VA) but usually only 10-15 miles on a quick trip to the store or to pick up the kids from school.  Then it sits in my garage until the next time I can justify driving it for an errand.  Sad really.

So I'm ready to let it go and reclaim the space in my garage.  If you're interested, let me know via PM (photos and other info available on request).





Selling your mini for??  Coconuts?  Dog food?  money?

If money, how much moneys do you "want" for this car that ... needs work.....
ill offer you about Tree Fiddy!. but i still dont know any details other than it has  Rust and is  1988 JDM-spec Mini (RHD, factory air, etc.). that needs a rebuild.

Im in Charlotte NC. can pickup. 1988 JDM-spec Mini (RHD, factory air, etc.)

In all seriousness.  If you want to sell = post a price.  post pictures. add details to this mystery car. Color . engin specs. and maintenance, Or links to other places listed for sale.

Mini Meet in Bristol/Kingsport in April .. Could be the RIGHT people to sell a whole car to!  ...


I agree with Jedduh, bring it to the CMU event in a few weeks, lots of Mini enthusiasts there, someone might be looking for a car or know someone who is.

Def post some pics and such.....
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Thanks folks. I thought the photo was on there. And I can shoot a link to more photos to anyone who is interested.