air/fuel meter sensor placement

Started by towjoe, November 08, 2016, 10:33:39 AM

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Where do you place the sensor bung?   Specifically on the two into one collector.
Photos would help on car. I know about the angle required to keep any co2 from damaging the sensor.
Thanks again.
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This is where Maniflow places them for the injection engines.

Maybe not the best location in the "Y" branch, others place them in the collector, but that seems a bit exposed.


A while back, I got an LCB from 7Ent that had one in the position indicated in the photo posted by tmsmini.

The attached photo (taken from 7Ent and annotated with yellow arrows by me) shows what another vendor is also doing for fuel injection systems needing two sensors.


Interesting One hybrid all four cylinders and another the inner two.

I have added a second sensor in the center branch, so I can read both outers and inners separately.
Not sure exactly how useful that is at this point.


I figured when I do it, I'd put it just past the Y.


I would think past the Y would be the right place too, so you're getting gasses from all the cylinders.
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I was looking on the 7Ent site for a picture like tmsmini posted when I found the hybrid one.

The SPI has its in the top of the joint of the manifold and the downpipe where all three branches of the manifold come together (see attached picture).

I thought it was interesting as well since the one I had in the past and the one tmsmini posted have it reading from the outer two cylinders and the hybrid has reading from the inner two followed by the all-four.

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I never installed the A/F meter when I had the LCB on the car, but added one when I changed to the Freeflow manifold.  I've got it mounted after the junction of the 'Y''s, effectively averaging the A/F reading from all cylinders. 

I don't know how your minis are, but mine runs slightly richer on cylinders 1 & 2 when sitting at idle, so I figured it'd be sensible to take the reading across the four.
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Thanks for the photos.
I like the collector in 7 Ent photo.
That's where I'll put the bung.
My header is just like the 7 Ent one , although mine is steel and ceramic coated. But my collector did not have the bung.
Thanks again.
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