Introduction - '74 Mini 1000, Blue Thunder in NM

Started by bryanp, May 12, 2016, 01:57:32 PM

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So after my public BaT misadventure w/ the clutch, its all back together and waiting for it to be re-listed on BaT.   Some vids shot yesterday and this morning.  Last vid is at the request of a few BaT commenters who requested the revs in 5th at cruising speed.

MiniDave opinion......

The S turn vids are great, now maybe you could show those from inside the car? Suggestion - don't use a handheld camera, find a way to mount it solid, so it doesn't show the carpets then the roof every time you shift.

2nd, you're shifting at 4K? Rev that sucker up - show 'em what it will do! 6K at least in the lower gears!

3rd, no supercharger whine? I expected to hear something.....maybe get the camera mounted up on the windshield for a run thru the gears?

Then have it mounted on the right rear window or back window for a good run, so that people can see your hands going thru the gears and such......gotta sell the sizzle!
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This is the one I posted the first time around, going thru those same S's.

I will get out early tomorrow morning and push the rpms to achieve the appropriate SIZZLE.  I need to simplify and tighten up my vintage gopro mount . . .