Light at the end of the tunnel. Innocenti Mini 1001

Started by Flyinace2000, April 14, 2016, 07:33:51 AM

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I bought my 1973 Innocenti Mini 1001 about 2 years ago and this winter she went to get restored.  Soooo much hidden rust.  Lots of questionable old repairs.  Many patches were old cookie tins from Italy or HVAC ducting.  Lots of filler.  the car was a multimedia art project.

Yesterday we bought paint!  Light at the end of the tunnel.  Finding Rosso 72 was nearly impossible.  Ended up taking a scan of the inside panel to get a close reproduction and then we ended up reducing the orange content by 50%.  I think it will do it justice.  I'm also painting the roof black.

Ended up repairing so much.
1. Straightened bonnet
2. Repaired the holes int he wheelwell/firewall
3. Replaced both front pans
4. Sill repairs
5. Rear passenger floor
6. Boot rot under the spare.  (the battery box was fine!)
7. Passenger door lower skin was rotted.
8. Rear bumper was totally filler.  Replaced the entire rear and about 3 inches up.
9. New interior carpets from Newton order
10. Lots of other bits ordered from MiniMania,, MiniSpares.
11. Things I've forgotten about

Anyway, like most projects our budget for $7000 and 2 months will end up being closer to $14k and 4.5 months.

Here are LOTS of pictures and more to come


Glad you're moving along.  I need to raise my prices lol.