US License plate light adptor

Started by jeff10049, December 04, 2015, 06:37:30 PM

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looking for a picture of a us license plate light adaptor installed with us plate on early car with hindged plate bracket.



Like this? Doesn't have plate but has holes.


That is the standard MK-I plate holder.  It has had extra hole drilled that are not likely to match the "factory" holes on a US license plate.  There is an adapter that bolts in place of the light and lowers the light mount so that the top of the US plate aligns with the top of the main holder and allows the original hinge travel.

The last MK-I I had, I made a compromise: limited hinge travel and notched the US plate to mount by sliding under the light in its original position.  (The adapters were not available at the time I had that car.)


I bought one of Nicks for my PUP...very well done.  Will look for a pic