Order of Operations for Panel Replacement

Started by psumini, November 15, 2015, 05:04:58 PM

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Hi folks,

My Mini (1980 saloon) will be undegoing an extensive restoration this winter to take care of some rust and PO "repairs".  Right now, I have a set of full length half floors, quarter panels, outer rear wheel arch skins (to repair previously "tubbed" arches), outer sills, and door steps.  The shell is currently stripped and support braces have been welded in.  One outer sill (oversill) has already been removed.  My question for those who have done this before, is what order should I tackle these repairs?

My inclination would be to:

Remove quarter panel - repair rear wheel arch - cut out and replace half floor - new quarter panel in - outer sill - door step.

Anyone see any potential hang ups with this order?  If so, what order would you suggest?  Thanks in advance!




I do the door steps before the cills.  But more than one way to skin a cat.  Post pics when you get a chance.  Do you have a rotisserie?   Makes your list much easier. 


No rotisserie - just a bunch of spare tires to roll the shell on its side.


If you can find an old matress that works well for rolling the mini onto. Just watch for the fire hazard when welding.