8-Ball shift knob

Started by 481, June 13, 2009, 01:35:28 PM

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So I have this old 8-ball and I was thinking it would look good as my shift knob. I went out to my car and tried to unscrew the one that was on there, and it feels like it is cemented in place for all eternity! Every shift knob I have ever removed has been either a push on or a regular right hand threaded knob. Are these left hand thread or something?? I couldn't find anything online but I figured one of you guys would know. Maybe it has some loctite on it and I need to heat it up?

It is a '99 Rover Sportspack, I can take pictures if need be.


My 99 rover shift knob unthreads normally, at least from what I recall when I took it off years ago.  Perhaps yours has something glueing it on. 


Pretty sure they are 3/8 course threads

BTA both my cars have8 ball shifter knobs


Good gawd that dash is SEEEXXAYY!  :o


they are 5/16 course thread
just changed mine!
check out the official website for updates!!!!!