My past project MINIAC1

Started by Miniac, September 24, 2019, 06:42:39 PM

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I'm a new member wanted to share my previous project. I have a second in the works now.
Here is the madness at Mecum auction when I sold my 15 year project. The one I'm doing now will he better.
1990 Rover Mini black


1960? Mini Cooper?

Great result tho!

Welcome to Restoration Mini, can't wait to hear bout your next project......
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Welcome. Beautiful mini, but I'm with Dave on the 1960?

Did you polish out the gearbox housing?
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Saussie Aussie 1965 Australian MK1 Mini.
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Started as 1960. 15 years of parts from the Netherlands. My family is from there.  Gearbox Ceramic coat from Jet-Hot "classic Polish" Inside was Teflon coated. JKD straight cut gears polished by Emco gears in chicago. Cryo treated with all the other parts.
My upcoming build is based on VmaxScart supercharger. Working on it now. Once I figure out where appropriate to post album I will. I'm new to this forum. Thanks for the kind words. My new project should top what I had before...
Miniac2 gearbox pics below in the works.
1990 Rover Mini black


You can put your new project under "Restorations", just start a new thread like you did for this one.

The jet hot coating looks slick, although I'm not so keen on the "shiny" aspect. I loved the look of the black car tho, it's almost exactly as I would do one......except the straight cut gears, I'll bet those really talk to you!

I would not do the Teflon coating on the inside tho, I've seen it peel off, and you don't want the oil pump trying to suck up those chips or, since they float, getting into the gears and bearings.
Complete failure at retirement

1989 Cooper Racing Green
2009 Clubman S
2014 Audi Allroad


Very clean looking mini!  I like the case coating.

Jimini II

Joe Schott RIP coated his header inside and out with ceramic coating and it lasted well and cut the heat way down.


Welcome to the forum. Nice mini you had however not one part of the car looks 1960 must be a new shell and all 1960 parts discarded right down to the switches, door hinges, grille, hood, even the rear side glass latches, and tail lights changed in favor of the newer less desirable stuff? That's a lot of work.

A lot of guys go for the retro look with a newer car while you went for the new look with an old car what was the reasoning? Don't get me wrong great looking car just wondering unless it is re-bodied so to speak.  Either way nice looking mini.


You are correct. Very little parts left of the 1960. Started with a very rusty mini and a half attempt at restoring. I ended up buying a used engine-less body in Holland (procured myself) and spent the following 12 years hand carrying parts from Holland and England. If I were to do that excercise again I think I would have just bought a heritage shell. So yes, very much like the Johnny Cash song "one piece at a time". Yet all legit and legal, unlike "flip" cars.
As far as look, I really had no reasoning at all, or I probably would not have done any of it. Lol. The look I was after was a resto mod or hot rod. So the year, vintage really meant nothing, and the car I started with was not important as it was ugly and no pedigree. The time it took me to accomplish buying all the new parts(many hand carried from England and Holland on my travels)just kept me fidgeting with parts so much everything laying around turned to Powdercoat amd Chrome. As many restorations you just don't know where to stop...Hope this helps. 
1990 Rover Mini black


You nailed the hot rod look. Color. Stance. Shiny bits. Love it. 
I am the GR8KORNHOLIO! Are you threatening me?

Saussie Aussie 1965 Australian MK1 Mini.
"Beavis" - 07 MY/MY MCS, B/MY Konig Daylites, JCW sideskirts, TSW springs, TSW lower rear control arms -- Exploring the country with new friends since 11/09.


Wow thats a really neat project story and the look came out great I was just curious. Looking forward to seeing what you do next. 


Just a beautiful Mini.  Well done!    Can't wait to see what your next project will be.

Oh, and welcome to RM too.
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Just posted the first batch of work done on Miniac 2. Hope to complete in 7 more months rather than years!
1990 Rover Mini black


Early pic when I first got this car. And yes, my series 2A next to it!
1990 Rover Mini black


1990 Rover Mini black


So, what was the result of that matchup?


Older Brothers always win somehow...   My first run was best. (not the one in photo).  Blew the clutch shortly there after, but fun. The mini was a FAST car.
1990 Rover Mini black


13.438    Car on Right on Ticket 
1990 Rover Mini black


Build list for those interested. Just posted build list of Miniac 2 also on that thread.
Both Mini Money-Pits!


1275 Cooper .20 Over
Omega Forged .20 Over Dish-top Pistons
V-Max Racing Stage III Gas Flowed Ported Polished and ARP Hardware
Kent Dynamics Camshaft with 1.5 Aluminum Full Roller Rockers
ST Lightened and Drilled Followers and Stage III Race Valves
Cooper Crank Cross-Drilled Tuftrided Wedged Balanced
Luninition Leads
Chrome Plated ECUChromed
Minifin Valve Cover with Chrome Monza Cap
Large Impeller Alloy Water Pump Chrome Powdercoat
Minispares ST 2-Core Radiator
Pulley Shroud and Brackets Chrome Powdercoat
SU Carburetor converted from SPI
Mocal 13 Row Oil Cooler with AN Fittings and Aeroquip Lines
RC-40 LCB Stainless Header Ceramic Coated by HPC
RC-40 Big Bore Exhaust (Stainless) and DTM Center Exit Pipe


Jack Knight 4 Synchro Gearbox Powdercoat exterior and non wettable solid (Teflon) interior and high volume sump pick upJack Knight Straight-Cut Drop Gears with Timken Roller Bearing3.9 Final Drive RatioTwin Cross-Pin DifferentialEach tooth of all gears Hand-Polished by Emco Gears USA (of Indy Car Transmission fame)
ST Lower Engine Steady (2)
Metro Turbo HD Clutch Diafragmbalanced and mated with KAD 5.5 lb. Lightened Verto Flywheel and plasma sprayed friction plate
Aeroquip Hoses
All Engine Components have been Sub-Level Freezing Cryogenically stabilized which enhances the strength and longevity of all parts.
Spax Hi-Lo Adjustable Gas Shocks
Adjustable Camber set-up
Solid Brushings
Revolution RFX 6x13 Alloy Wheels Custom Chrome Plated
Bridgestone Potenza 175/50/13 Radials
Front- KAD RACING 6-Pot Caliper Disc Brake KitRear- KAD RACING Disc Brake Conversion

Black on Black Paint "Silverstone Edition" with Factory Fender Flares/trimWelded Antennae Hole
Stainless Steel Grille Bumpers and HardwareWiPac Headlamps with Blue Platinum Bulbs
Original Cooper Spot Lamps
Chrome Bullet Mirrors

Sparco PedalsMomo Shift Knob
KAD Alloy Short Shift Kit with ST Shift Bias Spring
Original Cooper Half-Leather"Lightening Bolt" Upholstery (Black with Red Piping)
Newton Commercial Carpet Red with Black Piping
Cocomat Sisal Custom Floor Mats
Custom Made CNC Billet Parking Brake Handle
Safety Devices- "Mini 40" 6 Point Rollcage
Safety Devices- "Mini 40" 4-Point Harness Seat Belts
Safety Devices- "Mini 40" Chrome Fire Extinguisher
Charcoal Walnut Dash with Rover 3-clock MPH and Chrome BezelsMagnolia Faced GaugesSmiths Magnolia Oil Pressure Oil Temp H2O Temp
Original Cooper Black/Red Leather Wrapped Steering Wheel
Charcoal Walnut Door Cappings and Polished Alloy Door Hardware


Chrome Plated High Output Alternator (55AMP)
Custom Made Gold Plated Fuse-Box and Inline Fuse holder
SpiralCell High Output Sealed Battery with Gold Rockford Fosgate Power Block
InteriorCompletely Soundproofed with "Dynamat" Acoustic Insulation
Alpine Single Disc Player with MP3MB Quart "German Model" 6 inch mids Front and RearMB Quart "German Model" Neodymium Directional Tweeters
Custom Acrylic Faced Enclosure in Boot with 10" Rockford Fosgate Punch SubwooferRockford Fosgate Punch 800 6Channel Amp Flush mounted in Bootlid
Custom Build Low Profile Door Mounted Speaker Pods Custom Build Fiberglass Tweeter Mounts on Dash/Window
1990 Rover Mini black


Sounds like MINICA1 and my 'Rosebud' have similar motor & trans specs. I got 85 HP and 87 ft/lbs (crank) on the dyno. I've always wondered what my ¼ mile time might be. My jaw dropped when I saw your ¼ mile time & mph. Just wow! Any idea what your HP is? Weight?

Money pit is right! I've spend similar bucks on German iron, but never got the satisfaction and driving pleasure I get from 'Rosebud'. So, I understand completely. Looking forward to seeing MINIACII.
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My HP was in the 110 range.  I got lucky with my launch. That was my first run. All the other times that day were way slower and a blown clutch later.
Not sure about weight. It was heavy with stereo etc. never intended to race it. Just one day of fun.
1990 Rover Mini black

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