75 Mini Turbo in process

Started by Gtbuzzmini, October 02, 2015, 08:28:44 PM

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First off welcome to the website and sharing your project.  What color will it end up being?


SOO Great!   WOW - looking good - yes bodywork is a long process- looks like they're doing a proper good job for the full metal flip front.

Are those Mintek Hinges?

Whole lot happening with that turbo setup - have you driven it? 

Ditto - what Color? What weels  what flares planned. 



Welcome. Glad you made it over here. We're all really interested in restorations and other builds. Please feel free to post up pictures of what you're doing on here as well. We want the dirty details. lol.

I'm a bit selfish. I'm always looking to see how other people overcame a problem so that I can mimic or modify their approach. Please... feed my obsession.


Have had the turbo (it's a metro turbo transplant) for a few years now and it's a lot of fun.  Had fiberglass flip front previously and was never pleased so decided to do it righT before paint.  And yes mini tech hinges. Seemed best for the job

Paint will be a Range Rover color, giverny green with dark grey on the roof. Interior currently sitting in the garage is black vinyl with grey carpet and grey/black cards.

Dash will be a custom job and will post up some pictures once that gets in work. More to come!


Love the color choices can't wait to see it. Nice build.


Couple more pics before tear down and the last one before I dropped it off naked.


Updated photos. Up to primer. May have it back to start reassembling by thanksgiving!



It's always exciting to see the color go on!

won't be long now - what color will it be?
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Cool slideshow of pics there - jealous!   77.gif


So close...hope to have it home to reassemble next week. 

Progress so far http://www.triplefautomotive.com/75-mini-cooper.html