Russ Foust Mini V-6

Started by MiniDave, June 06, 2019, 04:39:45 PM

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A friend in Topeka has done one of Mini-Tech's Acura V-6 kits in his classic Mini Clubman......I drove it briefly at one of the Dyno Day events and it was SO freaking fast then I couldn't believe it. Since then the car has gone thru a few modifications, first it got a supercharger, but the results weren't quite up to expectations, so now it has a turbo! I found this a couple of days ago as he was putting some careful miles on it before going to Aspen this summer.

He was over at Prather Racing today doing some final tuning after putting in some bigger injectors, when the waste gate stuck and the thing hit 29 psi before blowing the engine to bits!

He already has another motor on the way and will have it in by this weekend he says. In the video he was only running a maximum of 10 psi.....3 times that was it's undoing.....
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