Coronado Speedfest 2015 with Mininania crew

Started by Armycook, September 20, 2015, 11:24:17 AM

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(Thought I'd share it here too :)

This weekend was fun. I get to drive my mini to the Coronado Speedfest. I was just planning on parking it to the general admission, present my reserve military ID and hopefully get in for free. On my way to the gate I was waived by one if the volunteers telling me to go around the usual traffic and I did. The guy gave me a pass to have special parking for racecars. But then I told him I'm not racing and he gave me a pass anyway (Was for the car club privilege parking pass). My car wasn't clean, it has my school books and stuff inside but I parked there anyway. Lot of people were giving the thumbs up, taking pictures of my car and asking lot of questions about it. Someone even offered me a nice amount of money to buy my car that I declined.

But it anyway I took lots of photos that are still in my cameras. I finally made it to the minimania crew area where I saw for the first time the Monty #177. I was so excited and there next to it was mr. Don Racine. I said hi and we chatted for a bit. I showed him a picture of my works replica car and invited me to park it next to their cars. The dude was super nice! I felt like I was gonna throw up in excitement. I told him hell yeah I would haha so he said do it in the morning when it's not that crowded yet. Oh and he said "You did a good job with your mini".

I watched him and Dennis Racine race and their cars pretty much dominated the group 1 (small bore) category. Those little cars were so damn fast!

Anyway, to finish my story... I woke up today thinking I'd take the mini to park it at minimania cars then I got sick. I have a runny nose, throat hurts like hell and just couldn't get out of bed. I am so bummed.... maybe I'd get another chance later in life to have my car next to a real famous race car in a photo.

so bummed out... *sniff*


Sounds like a blast, minus the getting sick part  :(