Hood Replacement

Started by Spitz, May 28, 2015, 10:04:34 AM

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I've come to the conclusion that my 61 Van's hood will be easier to replace than fix.

I have a MkII hood here, so the hinges are in the correct place.......but the lip....is there a step by step out there to removing it.  I do NOT want to make an error and end up grinding too much etc.

Also...my van is a Morris...this is an Austin hood.  Someone here was good enough to send me measurements for the holes....am I correct in assuming the badge is the only difference?


Hi Spitz,

The "brand" (Austin versus Morris) does not matter - same hood, different badges.

It is my understanding that the upper lip of the MK-II+ grill was held on to the extra lip of the hood by some small screws.  The extra lip was spot welded to the underside of the regular curled-under lip of the hood.  It should be a matter of determining the location and count of spot welds to drill to remove the extra lip piece.

I checked the lip of my 1981 panel van, but it would not be of much help - the panel vans had stamped grills as part of the front panel from factory and the hood never had the extra lip.  My van has actually been fitted with a MK-I style grill with mustache and whiskers.

Michael Playle


I may well end up going with a MkI type grille also, as the PO had removed a centre part of the stamped grille.
Ideally, I would like a stamped grille "insert" of the removeable type.  I've seen pics, but need to see how it is fastened....and to what.
So if anyone has any pics of that....please post.