1959/60 heater operation?

Started by jeff10049, February 08, 2015, 05:47:21 PM

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Could someone explain how the heater motor is operated in a 1959/60 mini.
I have the correct flat switch panel it has two cables one for heat another for choke they appear to be original.
My car has the get out and change it heater valve correct according to the 1959 mini register, so did the cable run a electric switch?
Should I not have a cable ? But some kind of switch in the panel? There are no wires for such a switch in the new harness I wonder where they pulled power from for the heater? hours of net searching has just confused me more as to what is correct for my car. No books or diagrams that I found are clear on this.
One site suggested some sort of remote cable operated rheostat was used but I can find no such thing in old parts breakdowns.   

Car is a Jan. 1960 build date

Thank you


MM forum info I believe is correct and agrees with my installation which I believe is original. Heater motor operated with rheostat switch. Shutoff is manual at the engine  head.
I added pic of my switch and schematic showing rheostat. Haynes just shows ON/OFF switch. Power is from  the wiper switch.
Last pic is shutoff valve at head on a June 1960 Morris Mini


Up to 64 schematic and heater shutoff valve.


Thanks I got it figured out with your help and the post on MM I should have the rheostat I have the correct valve on the head just need to get the Rheostat. Not sure where the cable came from maybe someone was going to update the car in the past.