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Started by 94touring, July 20, 2016, 12:40:39 PM

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The rear glass also fit semi lousy. The rubber must have been thicker than what I've used in the past. I have 5 different rear windshields at the shop and all measure the same dimensionally so wasn't the glass.


I've had Daves car in the shop to respray the rest of the body to match the front end repairs made last year since it didn't match properly.  Ended up finding a little extra to repair while it's here.


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Here's what you should do before finishing welds and painting the the door!  In Dave's case it was a perfect factory fit.  The A panel is heritage and seemed to match as you'd expect, but the flitch repair sections are knockoff.  There's always a little doubt as to how well they'll align things up so best to double check before the pain set's in after the job is done.


Daves car got it's face lift completed today.  Sure will look amazing once it's all put back together. Perfect for the spring! 


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Color sand and buffing. 


Starting to come together nicely.  Sure does shine under my shop lights.