1960 Austin 850 Project

Started by tsumini, May 22, 2014, 06:45:40 PM

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Thanks appreciate that. No rush


I was pretty sure I had mailed it, but I got a new message with your address today.
So you never got it?


Don't think I got it but age can play tricks on the mind. If you can't find it no big deal. I'll try the one from Granger.


Sold and said goodbye to the '60 Austin mini today. New home is Houston TX. The new owner is thrilled (as indicated on Mk1 Forum post) to have it restored to original as possible. Cleaned out all the mini parts I had too so I'm out of the mini bidness.
Hmmm... obviuosly haven't mastered video posting yet. ::sigh::
wondering if I can link a MK1 Forum post...

Jimini II

Congrats. Glad you got the sale you wanted, out of the Mini biz now but lots of old owners return.


Thanks. I'll be following the mini for as long as I can.