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Started by MtyMous, April 01, 2013, 08:44:41 PM

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Well... I've owned Tink since 2009. And there has been no shortage of work done to her. I've been back and forth on building just a 1380 and dropping it in, and doing a full restoration. Well... My brother convinced me to just dive in. I'm stationed in Oklahoma City for at least 4 years, so what better time. I'll be posting updates as much as I can. It's a lot of work but I'm excited.

Here's what she looked like before I started the resto.

Got that wild hair to pull the motor and replace the head gasket. While I was in there, I needed to repair some of the pieces and I decided that I would just refurbish some pieces.... and that's where it started.

Decided I couldn't stand the little rust bubble anymore... haha. That mushroomed into a full on restoration.

I don't know if you can tell by the picture, but the bondo is about 1/16th of an inch thick, and on top of the original paint and primer... wow.

And to cover up the rust hole from underneath, they just PACKED in the bondo into a large clump.
Here's just some parts of the nasty tumor clump

And then I did this.

Found this gem under a panel that i thought was solid. some resin based filler was gooped into it.

This is just the beginning. Trying to find a local media blaster to see what the cost will be. Gonna need someone to take care of the hard to reach interior places.


I think I've decided on a color. Just gonna go with this color

Then black stripes and wheels. Then I'll keep the interior entirely black and charcoal. Possibly a dark grey suede headliner, black and dark grey suede seats.


AWESOME!!  Looked rawkin' before...like the proposed color scheme, too.

That's a tough spot to get to, under the scuttle, like you said.  I just welded in the closing pieces on my project and I sandblasted and POR'd the daylights inside first.  Should buy me several months...  50.gif

Welcome aboard!



So this weekend was a blasty blast. haha... I made a serious mess, but she's getting ready to get stripped to bare metal.

See.. I told you I made a mess

The wiring in a classic mini is a nightmare anyway. Throw in a couple previous owners and you've got a serious headache on your hands.

And here's how you organize a completely torn apart car. Lots of little totes for specific categories of stuff, and a lot of blue painters tape to label everything.

Anyone want some retro seats that need a little lovin?


And here's a couple strippers sitting on top of my mini


You can keep the strippers and I'll take the seats!  Which reminds me, I was suppose to order some seat covers for a car.


Quote from: MtyMous on April 07, 2013, 08:40:32 PM
And here's a couple strippers sitting on top of my mini


Man those are some wide tires!  Don't think I've ever seen them other than inside flared fenders...


Progress looks great, those strippers look dirty.
And I have the same two eels they look great


I'm thinking I might go with this color instead.

Easier to get a consistent paint job because the Cadillac has a second layer of pure aluminum flake... not so easy to lay down consistently... unless you're a robot. haha.

So I think this looks just as good. And might actaully be closer to what I'm looking for anyway.

Or even the Smoky Granive Mica from the IS350



Quote from: MtyMous on April 09, 2013, 08:00:39 PM
I'm thinking I might go with this color instead.

Easier to get a consistent paint job because the Cadillac has a second layer of pure aluminum flake... not so easy to lay down consistently... unless you're a robot. haha.

If you'd like to duplicate it just paint it gray...then drive around on wet, salted roads.  Especially the mirrors....easy.

Bada bing!


More progress

And unfortunately... more rust. Directly in front of the rear wheel, and above that on the rear window sill.

Are you taking notes, dan? haha.

But I've been seriously contemplating the idea of a steel flip front, though.

I really like the idea of something like this.



More rust, check.   ;D


I will say its a good feeling knowing I will have all the panels in the shop ready to go on. 


Alright... the roof is almost completely stripped.


Are you using a lot of chemical strippers or a DA?


chemical stripper on the large flat areas, but not on any seams. And the paint and bondo is so thick that I have to strip with the DA after chemical stripping anyway. And I plan on finding a media blaster for the interior and hard to reach areas. So a good wash and clean eventually before any body work is done anyway. It's your concern bleedback? I'm trying as much as possible to avoid this.


Nah just curious what your method is.


Well I don't really like chemical if I can avoid it. It's messy. but with so much paint and bondo, it's a necessary evil. but a medium grit on a DA gives you no paint, and a sanded surface for paint. ein win.


Bought some parts this week. Gaskets, small little pieces for when it gets buttoned back up, but then another larger item.. Kind of the direction I'm going with the interior.

Upper dash rail.



Well things slowed down when work really picked up. I'm still trying to find as much time as I can to sand it down. I'm about 3/4 done sanding the exterior. Then I'll put a coat of epoxy primer on it to seal it up. But there are some more small rusted areas that I've discovered. I've gotta get some pictures when I get back in town.

I've also put together a parts list of all the things I'm going to need. So now I know roughly what I'm gonna be spending in parts.


Thanks for the update man.  Glad you didn't get blown away!


Well... I've been working to get things as stripped as possible... and I think I'm just about to that point with what I can do to the body in my own garage. I'm still going to try to take the sound deadening off of the floor inside, and remove a few more parts.. Then it's time to get her over to a certain someone to start working on the body.

Anyway... Here's the carnage as it sits right now. There is a lot of good metal on the car. Just... not the stuff I'm showing you. haha. Oh, and the entire front lower nose panel probably needs to be replaced.

I think I've decided on keeping all bumpers and seams. Anyway, here's the massive photo dump.

Inside Left Door:

Left Door Jamb and behind dash:

Right door:

Left Floor (sound deadening still on):

Left rear bin:

Left rear quarter rust on sill:

Right rear quarter rust on sill:

Right rear quarter rust lower:

Right rear bin inside:

Right boot floor:

Right boot seam:

Left boot floor:

Left boot seam:

Under boot floor:

Front sill:

Top drip rail left rear:

Top drip rail left front:

Oh.. and getting some measurements on my new calipers.


That thing is suweet!

My dad was an engineer so I have all sorts of calipers.

Not one of which I can figure out how to read.  50.gif