1975 Austin Mini

Started by naund, January 03, 2013, 04:24:02 PM

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I recently purchased a right hand drive 1975 Austin Mini. The first thing I noticed about the car is that there is a lot of engine noise inside the car. Upon further inspection I found that there is a missing panel on the firewall/bulkhead. It is right where the carb air cleaner sits. I have been searching all over, but cannot seem to find one. Am I going to have to make one, or is there somewhere I haven't found yet to get one. Any help is appreciated.


The big hole in the firewall is normal.  The car I just got in the shop had with it a panel that fits the hole, and its the first time I've ever seen such a panel.  I need to expand my search or maybe fabricate a duplicate of what I have. 


I found out that the part that I am looking for is called a speedo bulkhead blanking plate. Still have not been able to find one online.


Dan I'm thinking the green machine had a plate there that had an indention or pressed area that was inset to allow a little room for the carb.  I think?   8.gif