998cc motor/tranny, carb, alt, etc. Needs rebuilt also center bin speedo

Started by batman1usa, May 23, 2011, 12:09:03 PM

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  I have all the parts for this thing still sitting in the garage.  It use to power the green machine.  I also acquired this center speedo looks to be in very good condition.
  I had the rebuild sheet at one time where I took it to OKC and had it all cleaned and miced for rebuild.  Complete motor, all the pieces, carb, distributor, cam, crank, tranny, everything.
  Someone tell me what it's worth then make me an offer.  I know I gave $125.00 for the center speedo on ebay.

$500 for all ?  Shoot me an offer. 
You Tulsa/OKC boys I'll deliver.

Let's go, start the bidding wars.
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