Jump/Start Pack Suggestions

Started by tmsmini, May 16, 2024, 07:37:54 PM

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I need a new jump pack as the one I have is swollen and the company does not support the model I have any longer.
I have a large Duracell I use at home, but I need something small for the road.


We bought one off of Amazon that seems to be useful, I've started dead cars, lawn mowers and other things with it. It also has a USB charger that you can use for your phone or whatever.

Don has one that's also a tire inflator!

As for brand, no idea what's better than others, I guess look at warranty and amp hours?
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I have one of the newer style lithium jumper packs I got from Autozone.  DL800L is the part number, but seems to no longer be available from them.  It does show up on ebay:

Duralast DL800L on ebay


I have a NOCO Boost XL 1500A that works remarkably well for its size. I bought it as a package deal with a 2 bank NOCO Genius smart charger which is a bit nicer than a Battery Tender.


I ended up buying a "topdon" off Amazon. It had good reviews, but how many of those are real...