no valve seals?

Started by ADRay, January 09, 2024, 05:38:43 PM

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I removed all of the springs and valves from the head today, and found that there were no valve seals installed. any idea why? (Other than in error?)

I can't seem to find replacement orings that go on the valves. (It had them) anyone know what size oring they are?

Also, the valve guides that are in the head are sort of tapered and set into position at a certain angle. The ones to replace them are just round. Does anyone know why? See pic
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Don't use o-rings, modern stem seals are much better. They only send 4 in a head set, but I use 8. There are two styles, the regular and the ones used on SPi and MPi engines, I've used both with similar results.

Not sure about the guides that r=are in the head, but the standard cast iron guides are fine for everything but out and out race motors. Unless you're planning to do some port work, how far the guides are into the port won't really matter.

I always replace the guides, add hardened seats on at least the exhausts and do a good 3 angle valve job. I also have the head skimmed to make sure it has a good flat surface to hold the head gasket. The composite head gaskets are much better than the copper ones
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Thanks Dave. A little more thinking and research revealed that this head was actually off of an early 50's Minor engine. I was aware that it didn't match the A+ engine. The orings on the valve stems are what was used on the Minor (looked at Moss Motors catalogue)

Looks like I'll be able to rebuild it with the newer seals.

Thanks for all your help lately Dave. It's go time for getting this back on the road for spring.
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