valve spring compressor adapter?

Started by ADRay, January 08, 2024, 07:54:24 AM

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Good morning, yesterday I went to use the valve spring compressor that I bought from Mini Sport last summer, and I am finding that this tool seems too big. Am I using this wrong, or do I need an adapter for using it on a Mini head? Thanks

1982 Mini 1000 HL


I have the same one and it's not very good, what you need is to use a small socket under the valve head to take up the space. It works, but it's just fair......Rather than use the lever, I found it worked better to set it up with the lever closed, and just run the in the  adjustable end. It's slower but it works.

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I leave the studs in where the manifold attaches, and set the head in my vise with it held by those studs, spring side of the valves away from me. Don't forget to adjust the end of the compressor that goes over the spring down to a close fit by tightening that wing nut. You have to compress the springs pretty far to get the keepers out and back in.

Good luck!

Edit: found a video I did of the process....

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Thanks Dave. I was thinking it might come to using a socket or something to close up the space. And thanks for the video, very helpful for visual learners like myself.
1982 Mini 1000 HL