Turn signal, brake, and reverse lights not working.

Started by knowell, November 11, 2023, 08:41:26 AM

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Im trying to diagnose an issue with my turn signal, brake, and reverse lights not working.

starting by replacing the fuses. I was told US have a different rating system than UK glass fuses. I have a lucas 4 fuse box

From what I understand the UK rated amps are as follows:

1 35amp 2
3 25amp 4
5 25amp 6
7 15amp 8

what are the equivalent US fuses I can purchase stateside??


Where are you? I have the Lucas fuses I can send you, they're not expensive.

You can use pretty much any fuses to figure out if you have a short someplace......it sounds like only the back lights are affected? If so I would check for a bad ground first - to affect all of them like that.
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Thank you for the offer, I found the conversion an bought the AGC equivalent. Cleaned the fusebox terminals and replaced the fuses. that sorted it out.. in case anyone ever finds this thread here is the conversion