Looking for a small block crank pulley

Started by Willie_B, August 21, 2023, 05:49:01 PM

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I am wanting to convert the moke to a two piece fan shroud. I have all of those parts but it will not fit with the crank pulley that is on it now. So I am looking for a CAM6323 pulley. Looked through all the stuff I have and no luck. Anyone have one that you would be willing to sell me? Thanks


I saw that but figured I would check in the US first. Thanks


Ok. Looked at the complete Inno powertrain in the basement. It has a later version two piece shroud that the bottom mounting bracket is different. Using that one it clears the pulley.


So you don't need the pulley any more correct? The other 2 piece shroud is probably the cooper/S version which has the bottom bracket shifted toward the radiator almost possitioned in the middle of the shroud. The "small block" version basically has it flush with the engine side of the shroud. Or at least that is my understanding of how they work. Spent a lot of time looking at the various bits around that when I was working on mine since it is a 1275 in a 850 car. The cooper/S version of the shroud used different top and bottom brackets so you may run into issues there depending on what you already have.

I remember being (and still am) confused on the all the particulars and it does not help that most of the cars these days are mishmashes of various other cars and years of things.

I do believe I have one of those pulleys is why I ask, from an 850 motor. Whether or not I can get it off the motor may be another issue.


Correct, I do not need the pulley.

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