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Started by MiniDave, June 20, 2023, 07:52:52 AM

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Has anyone else noticed a significant increase in shipping costs?

My last two orders from MiniSpares shipped on DHL (the only way they'll ship) have been 2 to 3 times what I'm used a typical order that fit in one box would cost around £60 to ship, the last two have been £200 (expected - it had sheet metal parts so oversized box) and today's order which was brake and suspension parts was £142!

I've also noticed an increase when shipping parts via USPS, I don't use FedEx or UPS as the drop off places are inconvenient, and I think USPS is quite a bit cheaper, tho not inexpensive.

I wonder how much longer Amazon and Ebay sellers can still offer free shipping with this trend?
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I've noticed the increased shipping prices as well.  I have taken to shopping around when I have to send something in order to find the cheapest method/shipper.  When ordering something (especially from our typical Mini parts supliers), you are basically limited to the options the seller(s) provide.


Yep, I think I mentioned somewhere some time back. I ordered a new dizzy and some other odds and ends a while back. Not only was the shipping higher to start with, they came back after it shipped and said they added an additional 30ish pounds to the shipping cost due to "heavy or large items". The box was only about 12x12x12 so wasn't large, and the "heavy" items were a coil and the dizzy.