Wanted - Standard Front Suspension Trumpets

Started by MPlayle, June 03, 2023, 11:13:09 AM

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Does anyone have a set/pair of front suspension trumpets they are willing to part with?

It seems the knuckle joints (steel) in mine have welded themselves into the trumpets (aluminum).  I have tried soaking in penetrating oil and heat to no avail.

Let me know what you may have.


Unless the steel ball end wore a hole in the plastic cup, I can't see why you'd need to replace the knuckle balls - they really don't wear.

If you want to go all medieval on their ass you can insert a long drift thru the rubber donut end and whale away on them till they either come out or break the aluminium trumpets, but I would just reuse them
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I already tried "going medieval" on them to no avail.

The rubber covers are cracked and there was some grit in what grease was in the cups.  Thus the need to replace the knuckle joints.

Willing to reuse someone's "extras" before checking the regular suppliers to see who has what.


Package from Terry (tmsmini) received with just what I needed.

Thanks Terry!