1940 LaSalle

Started by MiniDave, May 23, 2023, 05:27:52 PM

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I'm not sure this is anyone's cup o tea here, but I thought I'd post it up anyway....this car belongs to my Son in law and daughter, they got it from Frank's father who did the resto work many many years ago. He died unexpectedly in 1996 and the car has been tied up in probate ever since, and finally got released. Frank and I had planned to go get it upon his father's passing and drive it down from Delaware to North Carolina, which would have been an epic fun trip, but as I said - tied up in probate.

Since the car sat all those years the engine has seized up tho I'm not sure but a soak with some Marvel Mystery oil or diesel down the cylinders wouldn't get it loosened up again as it ran fine before....

Anyway, proceeds from the sale will put my granddaughter in college, so - worthy cause!   :grin:

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