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Started by batman1usa, April 08, 2009, 12:37:33 PM

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 :o no it's not april fools.  After some careful deliberation and hopefully reasonable thinking I have decided it best to part my green machine out.  It is with deep sorry that I say "I believe the cancer is terminal".  In figuring the time, $$, and work involved in cutting, welding, grinding, buying, replacing, and things just not going back well.
  I think it is in the best interests for me to get a mini on the road as quickly as possible and I'm not willing to wait and rebuild.  I want a classic mini NOW to drive if you can understand.
  So anyone needing a few parts that I might have shoot me an email and I'll do my best to describe it's condition and send pictures.  Or if you want it all we can haggle for the whole car and I'll supply all my pics for reassembly if needed.
  The motor is at the machine shop so if someone wants it unfinished in pieces tell me quick as I think I'm going to go ahead with the rebuild on it.
  Not sure I need to make a list at this point cause I have it all, bumpers, seats, sunroof, windows, wheel/tires(black).  I already sold the gauges out of it so they are gone.
  If the few that are active on this sight have any suggestions on piecing one out I'd be more than glad to hear them.

  I think I have some sperience now in looking at them and knowing a little about what to look for.  I can sure pull one apart.....   ;D

  Lot's of pics in my Gallery

$2800.00 and I'll transport almost anywhere


I can use the front glass and brake master cylinder.  How much for the whole lump anyways? 

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