For sales - set of NEW wheel arches

Started by 71Austin, May 09, 2023, 06:13:15 PM

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This is an unused, complete set of 4 arches for a classic Mini. I originally purchased these from in England but when I got them, I realized that they were not exactly what I wanted for my Mini. I never installed them. They look great but are wider than I wanted. I would consider them almost like a "Sport Pack" look – which should mean something to classic Mini owners. The Somerford web page has this information:

Inspired by the original Wood & Pickett arches from the 1970s. These attach to the body flange from underneath, therefore there are no visible fixings High quality fibre glass finished in black gel coat, no painting required. 65mm at the widest point. Supplied with arch-to-body rubber piping and fixing screws. Suitable for all models.

With shipping from England, these cost me $244. Would love to sell them for $125 + shipping.

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