SU HS4 carb wax stat

Started by PMF5150, March 27, 2023, 11:07:50 AM

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Hi Just replaced the wax stat in my single carb 998 wasnt sure it they made different ones mine had a black band and the new one has a blue band installed back on the car ran it now runs rough won't sit and idle without turning idle screw up. took it for a ride seemed like it might be running lean so brought it home took out the plugs and they looked on the whitish side. Not sure if I should richen the mixture or could it be the wrong part its the one with the aluminum housing not the plastic ones thanks for your help.


We talked on the phone this morning, did you check the various things I told you yet?
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yes I chechecked things out cleaned out piston housing not really dirty took out piston and cleaned that too not bad. needle is the one that kinda floats I think they call it bias? emailed Joe Curto got back to me today also replace a vacum line and car ran better Im thinking of replacing them all thanks for all your help Paul