Now I have two tow dollys

Started by Willie_B, February 15, 2023, 11:04:20 AM

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This came up for sale local. It is all bolt together aluminum, made by Trailex. The company is still in business so parts are available. The hardware is steel so I will be needing some of that. A nice thing about it is the platforms for the tires are adjustable for track width. It is going to need some work as it has lead a hard working life. New wheels and some maintenance like wheel bearings and all new wiring and lights. Total weight is only 315 pounds. Another feature is the ramps can attach to the side of the wheel platform and then you stand it up to store.



Are the inner guides on the ramps supposed to be bent like that?

How do you drive up onto it?

Any chance the wheel bolt pattern is the same as a Mini, so you could use Mini wheels on it?

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The side plates for the platforms should not be bent like that. That comes from forcing too narrow a track on them. I will tty to straighten them. If no luck them I will make new ones.
The wheels are 5 bolt so no luck there. But they are 13" so it does sit lower. It has removable ramps to drive up.


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